Product Demo

Here is the product demo for the Cobiax, which demonstrates how the product can be used in a step-by-step guide. Use the arrows to step through the demo.

Step 1 of 5: In a first step, the formwork and bottom reinforcement is installed followed by the following procedure...

Step 2 of 5: Placing of cage modules according to the Cobiax shop drawings. Tying of the modules to the bottom rebar

Step 3 of 5: Placing of the top reinforcement directly on the cage modules which take over the function of wire chairs

Step 4 of 5: Casting of the first layer of concrete in order to cover the bottom reinforcement and lower longitudinal bars

Step 5 of 5: After the first layer of concrete has stared to set (normally after 2-3 hours) the second and final layer of concrete will be cast

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What is it?

Lightweight solutions in concrete...for slim slabs and large spans

Key Benefits

  • Up tp 35% lighter than solid slabs
  • Greater planning flexibility
  • More effective retrofitting
  • Up to 15% less load on building foundations
  • Recycled materials used in the
    Cobiax products
  • Resource efficiency by means of building material savings
  • Spared concrete and reinforcements throughout the overall constructions
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions as well as of other pollutants by 20% through reduction of required concrete volume

Benefits from using Cobiax flat slabs

Fast & Lightweight

 Flat slabs with no obstructing beams reduces time for formwork placing. This decreases the cycle-time of the structural works

Reduced mass of slabs leading to optimized foundation design. This decreases the volume of required piles and this time for piling works.


Less concrete and reinforcement steel to be handled on site. Simplifies logistics and reduces the number of labour hours.

Eliminiation of beams reduces the coordination issues between the M&E and concrete detailers, allowing an efficient planning process.


Greenhouse gas emission reductions through optimized use of material. Cut down 210kg of CO2 per m3 of concrete saved, allowing a better environmental rating for a building.

Reduce transportation movements to and from site due to the optimized building material usage. Every trailer of Cobiax used, saves up to 6 trips of concrete mixer trucks.



Basic Idea of Cobiax
Eliminate as much dead weight as possible whilst maintaining the full flexural strength of the slab and allowing a bi-axial load transfer to the vertical supports. This is achieved with the Cobiax cage modules.

Larger spans can be achieved with a lighter slab resulting in more spacious and flexible floorplan usage. Concrete slabs fitted with Cobiax have the same mechanical load bearing behaviour as solid flat slabs. Compatible with the established national codes for the structural design and detailing of concrete flat slabs. Assistance in the design is available through the usage of Cobiax 3D FEM Design Software.

The Cobiax cage modules are positioned between the bottom and top reinforcement layers in the slab's cross section. Other M&E fittings in a slab can be easily combined with Cobiax.