Instant Pipe Shutter

Product Demo

Here is the product demo for the Instant Pipe Shutter, which demonstrates how the product can be used in a step-by-step guide. Use the arrows to step through the demo.

Step 1 of 9: Introducing the Instant Pipe Shutter from Massolutions - a division of Beresford's Flooring Ltd.

Step 2 of 9: Attach the Instant Pipe Shutter to the pipe.

Step 3 of 9: Secure together with the location pin.

Step 4 of 9: Insert cable ties and push the pipe through the hole.

Step 5 of 9: The Instant Pipe Shutter is now in position.

Step 6 of 9: Pull up the cable ties and secure the Instant Pipe Shutter in place.

Step 7 of 9: Fill area with concrete and, when set, remove the support bars and the re-usable Instant Pipe Shutter.

Step 8 of 9: Here is the Instant Pipe Shutter in conjunction with beam and block.

Step 9 of 9: Here is the Instant Pipe Shutter with shutter extension.

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What is it?

The award winning Instant Pipe Shutter is a re-usable, easy, quick and safe alternative to traditional shuttering methods.

SED Award Winner


The Instant Pipe Shutter was the winner of the SED 2007 Concrete Innovation Award For Excellence. Our Hole Filler product was also short listed for this award.

Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy to install
  • No working at height
  • Power tool free installation
  • Easy to cut and adapt
  • Strong re-usable and recyclable
  • Can be fitted before or after pipe installation

The Problem

Service holes in precast concrete or in-situ concrete floors need to be formed oversized to ensure adequate clearance for pipes / cables that need to be installed at a later date. After the service pipes have been installed, the Principle Contractor is left with the task of providing shuttering to the formed hole, to enable concrete infill.

At present, the common practice is to fix timber boarding flush with the surface of the floor. This process involves cutting a board to size, cutting a circle(s) to fit around the pipes(s), drilling holes and fixing with screws.

Shuttering around a soil pipe is a difficult and time consuming process, often requiring the need to work off a ladder. This process is slow and expensive compared to the new Instant Pipe Shutter.

Our Solution

The Beresford's Flooring Ltd Instant Pipe Shutter is an easy, quick, safe and re-usable alternative to traditional shuttering methods. It is a thin but strong plastic two piece former that fits snugly around the soil pipe and clips into place to provide a shutter to the complete circumference of the pipe. It is secured with a single pin. Cable ties are then inserted through the Instant Pipe Shutter and tied off to short lengths of rebar above.

There is no need for any power tools or screw fixings. The whole process can be achieved from floor level, as the pipe can be shuttered before final pipe placement. Alternatively, the Instant Pipe Shutter can be fixed in-situ if the soil pipe is already in place.