Stacker Packer

Product Demo

Here is the product demo for the Stacker Packer, which demonstrates how the product can be used in a step-by-step guide. Use the arrows to step through the demo.

Step 1 of 7: Introducing the Stacker Packer from Massolutions - a division of Beresford's Flooring Ltd

Step 2 of 7: The Stacker Packer.

Step 3 of 7: Stacker Packer open cross section.

Step 4 of 7: Stacker Packer closed cross section

Step 5 of 7: Various sizes - 2, 3, 5 & 10mm.

Step 6 of 7: A Stacker Packer under a concrete unit.

Step 7 of 7: Final positioning.

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What is it?

Stacker Packers interlock both sideways and in height to form a safe and stable structure to build up height shortfalls.

Key Benefits

  • Builds up height shortfalls
  • Interlock both sideways and in height
  • Forms a safe and stable structure
  • Easily positioned avoiding finger entrapment
  • Provides a full and level surface area

About the Product

In the Construction Industry there is often a requirement to build up height shortfalls, such as when levelling stairs and terraces. The packers/shims currently used are difficult to stack and can readily slide off each other when stacked; they are also difficult to position due to their unstable nature, which can cause finger entrapment when trying to put in a final position.

Stacker Packers interlock both sideways and in height to form a safe and stable structure which can be easily positioned without a finger being exposed to entrapment.

The Stacker Packer has been moulded with higher dowels which fit into corresponding recesses on the Stacker Packer above, keeping the stack together. Once pressure is applied to the topmost/exposed dowels, they are designed to collapse into the gap below giving a full and level surface area, with no high points.

Final positioning can be achieved by connecting the edge keys, which all lock into one another, then sliding the stack into position, twist the packer to disconnect.