Uni Shutter

Product Demo

Here is the product demo for the Uni Shutter, which demonstrates how the product can be used in a step-by-step guide. Use the arrows to step through the demo.

Step 1 of 8: Locate the hole to be shuttered

Step 2 of 8: Fix Uni-Shutter to the underside of the hole

Step 3 of 8: Adjust the Uni-Shutter into position around the column

Step 4 of 8: Fix additional Uni-Shutters if required

Step 5 of 8: The Uni-Shutters are now in place

Step 6 of 8: Cut material to shape and place over the Uni-Shutters

Step 7 of 8: The gap can now be filled with concrete

Step 8 of 8: Remove the Uni-Shutter when the concrete has set and re-use

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What is it?

The Uni-Shutter is a quick, flexible and re-usable device to enable awkward gaps to be filled with concrete

Key Benefits

  • Removes the need for wasted timber
  • Shutters around any shape
  • Shutter is reuseable
  • Easy to use and requires no
    measuring, marking or sawing

About The Product

The Uni-Shutter shutters around any shape to form a quick shutter. It is easy to use and requires no measuring, marking or sawing - instead a series of independant plastic fingers are pushed tight around the shape, forming a tight shutter. When the concrete has set, the shutter can be removed, cleaned and reused saving a huge amount of wasted timber.