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New Inventions From Massolutions at SED 2007

21 May 2007

Beresford’s Flooring has set up a brand new company called Massolutions to provide simple answers and innovative products to the problems encountered daily on sites around the country. The company will be officially launched at SED 2007.

Company director, Christopher Massey, has designed and developed various products, which have made a huge difference to his business. The products have been so successful that requests have been flooding in to purchase his new inventions. This prompted Beresford Flooring to launch the new arm to the company.

Crane lifting palletised loads requires large heavy brick forks, which are difficult to transport and use. Massolutions has invented a pallet lifting apparatus, which the company has named the SLAPP Clamp. It’s so small that fits into the back of a car and it’s also very portable and lightweight and has a SWL of 1.5T.

Another invention is the Dispensing Tub, which was developed as a lightweight plastic alternative to steel concrete skips.

Covering service holes and core holes in floors is now a requirement on most sites and are covered by a cutting and drilling piece of wood.

Massolutions has devised Hole Covers, which are plastic, bright yellow, anti-slip, reusable, and quick to install – needing no power tools.

These are just a few innovations on the Beresford’s Flooring Ltd stand in the Concrete Zone. Other products include stacking shims, pre-formed pipe shutters, and quick steel shutters.

Contact: Christopher Massey