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Key Features

  • Strong – proof loaded to 100 tonnes
  • Easy to move and keep secure
  • Long term hire
  • Easy to set up on site
  • Cost effective safety solution
  • Anti-slip finish
  • Quick to set up to minimise delay
  • Short term hire
  • Individual ID mark to ensure QA traceability

What are Alimats ®?

Unique, purposed designed, modular interlocking outrigger load spread system. See our step-by-step guide below which explains how they work.

The problem

Prior to commencing installation of pre-cast concrete products using mobile telescopic cranes, Beresford’s Flooring Ltd were experiencing some difficulty obtaining confirmation of adequate ground bearing capacity for the crane hardstanding.

The majority of mobile cranes are provided with “standard” crane outrigger support pads with a total surface area of less than 1 square metres per outrigger. To reduce the required ground loadbearing capacity, the outrigger loadings need to be distributed over a larger crane pad area. Traditional increased size mats are constructed of either box section steel or large timber sleepers bolted together. Both are very heavy, difficult to install, difficult to move around on site to alternative crane stand positions, relatively expensive and can prove difficult to source.

To install these mats, the site would need to provide plant to off-load/install the mats, often without detailed consideration of the method and associated risks. Alternatively, the mobile crane would need to short rig and install its own additional mats on short rigged duties, temporarily using the standard outrigger support mats and risking overloading the hardstanding.

Our solution

Beresford’s Flooring Ltd considered the problem and explored options to spread the crane outrigger support over a larger area and ensure ease of site placement/cost efficiency.

The result is Alimats ® – a lightweight modular system constructed of high grade box section aluminium, providing a mat area of 3 square metres per outrigger, which can be transported and installed on site with no additional need for specialist site plant.

Beresford’s offer hire of the Alimats ® system throughout the UK using a network of trained installers. The mats can be supplied for short-term individual days or long-term ongoing hire. Detailed site installation guidelines and risk assessment documentation are included with the hire to help the Site Manager ensure the simple system is installed correctly.


The background

It is now an absolute requirement in accordance with BS7121 for any crane operation to be adequately planned to ensure safe operation. The bearing capacity of the ground must be investigated and proven adequate to receive the worst case crane outrigger loadings.

Any crane lifting operation should be planned by a competent individual (Crane Appointed Person) who must insist on receiving evidence of ground bearing capacity for the proposed crane hardstanding positions. Individual company procedures vary, but ultimately the site management team must confirm this information to ensure the crane will not exceed the hardstanding capabilities. The supporting pad beneath the crane outrigger should be of adequate size to ensure the ground bearing capacity of the hardstanding is not exceeded. Failure to follow this procedure will increase the risk of outrigger support failure and overturning of the crane.

Industry knowledge/guidance

Following a spate of incidents in recent months, the construction industry has become increasingly aware of the requirements and responsibilities surrounding crane planning. The Precast Flooring Federation has recognised this and have issued a Safety Guidance Document to advise contractors of the correct procedures regarding crane planning. Click here to view.

The Health & Safety Executive are increasingly concerned with the issue of crane planning and justification of crane hardstandings. Click the following two links for HSE press release: HSE Warning After Crane Overturns – July 2008 and HSE Warning Regarding Outrigger Loadings – September 2008.

Following a crane overturning incident on a Scottish Water site, a Health & Safety Bulletin has been produced to raise the awareness of Site Managers and Crane Appointed Persons on the same issue of Mobile Crane Stability. Click here to view.

BFL can offer a full range of ground testing and analysis through geotechnical engineering company Ground Sense Ltd.

We have significant experience in the field of crane planning and ground conditions and can offer free guidance/advice. Contact Chris Massey or Adrian Norris on 01335 345111 to discuss how Alimats ® may help you to ensure a safe working method for your lifting operations.

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