In-Situ Concrete Works Packages

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We offer three packages. The complexity of each one is generally split into 3 Tiers. We’ve provided a simple diagram for each Tier, which shows the typical sections. Our expertise is within the zone of the precast floor itself. We don’t provide screed or structural topping solutions, but we do provide the perimeter shuttering within each of these packages.

Tier 1

Concreting between the precast flooring elements/joints.

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Tier 2

Concreting between the precast flooring elements/joints, perimeter and bearing locations.

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Tier 3

Concreting between the precast flooring elements/joints, perimeter and bearing locations, including loose reinforcement, perimeter shuttering and soffit shuttering.

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Typically, this scope is linked to progressive collapse, which is also known as disproportionate collapse. The classification is determined within Part A of the Building Regulations. When it’s established that precast units need to be tied, site placed reinforcement is introduced. It can be done in many ways of varying complexity.

Beresford’s simplified approach

During the tendering process, design details change and evolve. Two of the details that are linked to our initial tender scope, that we always try to completely eradicate or change, is hot works (welding) and temporary works (soffit shuttering).

By working with main contractors and project design teams during the early stage of their project, we can easily remove these hazardous site operations. We do this by tapping into our experience and multiple details that we’ve developed over the years. Introducing revised details too far into the process can become impossible to integrate later.

Talk to us at the beginning of your project and adopt our simplified approach. This is what many clients do, saving them time and money.

Eliminating Hot Works

All our standard connection details get rid of the need for any site welding, but the tie details are still achieved. For further information Click Here.

Eliminating site welding is advantageous for many clients. Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, this type of work should be eliminated, where possible. That’s because of the health and safety issues associated with site welding and the work having to be carried out in dry conditions by a qualified coded welder – who are becoming increasingly hard to come by.

Eliminating Soffit Shuttering

All our standard connection details remove the need for any temporary soffit shuttering of internal non-load bearing tie beams, along with delivering an aesthetically pleasing solution. For further information Click Here.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to raise the level of the internal non-load bearing tie beams within the zone of the precast floor. If it’s not detailed correctly, it results in extensive soffit shuttering, which is basically temporary works.

A lot of schemes utilise the embodied thermal mass by having the soffits of the precast concrete floor system exposed. For this to be pleasing to the eye, the finish needs to be of a high standard. This is difficult to achieve, and in some cases impossible with exposed site poured concrete which has been formed using soffit shuttering.

Key terms associated with these works packages:

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‘Beresford’s Flooring supported me on a successful bid and subsequent construction of a major new university building. I found their quote to be competitive and I would not hesitate to use them again, especially as they are keen to get involved during the bidding stages of projects as well.’

Russell Hall, Director at Bid Research and Support