During construction, rainwater can get trapped within the cores of the hollowcore precast units.

When the cores are sealed either by notched or solid ends or by integrated blocks for lifting hook connections, water can become trapped, causing water and frost damage if it isn’t released.

Some manufacturers can drill or pre-form adequate drainage points into their hollowcore slabs within their production facilities before delivery. But many can’t and have to carry out the drilling of drainage points after installation. Often, this means operatives have to work at height exposing them to airborne silica dust, manual handling, hand arm vibration syndrome and noise.

In recognition of these problems, we’ve developed a lightweight, telescopic pole drilling system, which can mark, drill, insert Rawlplugs and fill drainage points, working from floor level – so there’s no working at height. Our pole drilling system is a safer, faster and cheaper option than other methods we’ve used in the past.

It’s especially beneficial when the slabs to be drilled are at multiple levels and within wall surrounded rooms, as this eliminates the need to continuously rig and de-rig mobile scaffold towers.

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“It was obvious Beresford’s had the knowledge and knew their stuff. Something that sets them apart from other contractors, is they always leave a clean and tidy site. They’ve definitely got the right attitude, and that’s something we value.”

John McGovern, Senior Engineer, Galliford Try