We’re delighted to be working on our first project with R G Carter Construction, who are based in the East of England. They’ve asked us to install our Tier 3 In situ Concrete Works Package on the multi-storey car park for North Middlesex University Hospital.

Our package includes supplying and installing almost 1.5km of galvanised steel edge trim to act as permanent formwork, for our in-situ concrete slab edge. We’ve recommended extending it in height so that it acts as permanent formwork for the 110 structural topping too – reducing costs and time on site from follow on trades.

Additional works include forming essential drainage holes in the soffits of the precast planks using our patented Pole Drilling System. During construction, rainwater can get trapped within the cores of the hollowcore precast units. Some manufacturers can drill or pre-form drainage points during production, but most can’t and carry out the drilling after installation. Often, this means operatives working at height exposing them to airborne silica dust, manual handling, hand arm vibration and noise.

With our lightweight Pole Driller this can be completed safely working from floor level. It also speeds up the drilling process, eliminating the need for tower scaffold and fall protection, making it a cost-effective option.

The Driller has been used on multiple sites, including Lancashire Cricket Club Hotel and several multi occupancy residential schemes. The Pole Driller was designed by our sister company Brilliant Ideas Ltd. Here’s how it works.

This is the Tier 3 Insitu Works Package we installed for R G Carter.

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