This is the first time Beresford’s Flooring and Rochdale based Casey Group have worked together.

Casey Group are developing a multi storey carpark at Steeton and Silsden Railway in Keighley, Leeds – on behalf of their client Network Rail. Our part in this project is scheduled to take 5 to 6 weeks.

The Beresford’s Flooring team are carrying out the in-situ concrete works package to the precast concrete hollowcore flooring (3,200 square meters), which has been supplied by FP McCann. Our works are made up of soffit shuttering, metal deck edge trim, placement of loose reinforcement and the in-situ concrete pour around all of the hollowcore flooring joints, which completes the floor system. Our works also include the associated tie requirements to the supporting steel frame, which was supplied by James Killelea & Co in Lancashire.

In these photos you can see the preparation work we’ve carried out in advance of our third concrete pour.

Beresford’s Flooring Insitu Concrete Works Packages:

We’ve split our insitu concrete works packages into three tiers, to show the complexity of each one. The Casey Group scheme is our Tier 3. Typically, this scope is linked to progressive collapse – also known as disproportionate collapse.

Tier 1 – Detail
Tier 2 – Detail
Tier 3 – Detail

Main Contractor Casey Group
Precast Concrete Hollowcore Flooring FP McCann
Steel Frame Supplier James Killelea & Co

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