Our client and main contractor Alcema are delivering additional teaching accommodation at Etone College in Nuneaton on behalf of Matrix Academy Trust.

Beresford’s Flooring team was brought in to complete the supply and installation of the metal deck edge trim, column shuttering and placement of the loose tie reinforcement in preparation for the in-situ concrete infills and mesh reinforced structural topping to the precast concrete hollowcore flooring units – supplied by FP McCann.

For this project, the longitudinal ‘shear key’ joint is achieved by placing in-situ concrete between the precast concrete hollowcore flooring joints, which was placed by FP McCann during their installation works. Then we followed with the preparation work prior to Alcema placing the mesh reinforced structural concrete topping over the precast concrete hollowcore flooring units.

In our experience, this is fairly common practice, so we suggested to Alcema that they infill the remaining joints during their pour operation of the mesh reinforced structural topping. Our preparation works ensures that all the perimeter edges and column penetrations are shuttered in advance of this works. The key benefit is that this combines two concrete pour operations into one, which saves time and money. This option has worked successfully on many previous projects – alongside our full Tier 3 Insitu Works Packages. So we advised Alcema on the estimated volume of concrete they would need, and agreed a revised price to complete the associated preparation works shown.

Insitu Concrete Works Packages offered by Beresford Flooring:

Tier 1 – Detail
Tier 2 – Detail
Tier 3 – Detail

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